Venus in capricorn woman compatibility

Feb 10, Venus Capricorn is a traditionalist and standoffish with new people—here's love compatibility with other Venus signs.
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Even though Libra can sometimes have questionable motives, a Capricorn partner will make them turn to Saturn completely and feel guilty at the smallest glimpse of a possible lie. The only possible problem surfaces when Capricorn is too strict from the start, making their Libra partner feel inadequate, judged, or even scared of the consequences of their actions. This could make their relationship dishonest, not because there is actually something to hide, but because Libra partner feels the need to protect themselves by holding on to their privacy.

The biggest obstacles to their understanding are the elements they belong to. Air and Earth are too far apart and it seems unclear to these partners how to reach each other on any issue in life. Still, there is a prudence to both of them that might give them just enough depth and understanding to have very interesting discussions and motivate each other to build a better foundation for every next debate.

The satisfaction they will both get from serious problem solving might lead them to a point where they find a solution together, Libra puts it in words and Capricorn puts it in action.

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There is probably nothing in the world that could raise their egos higher than situations in which they managed to resolve something by a simple shared effort. The hardest thing to reconcile in the relationship between a Libra and a Capricorn, are the ways they approach their feelings. Libra is a sign ruled by Venus and their emotions come naturally, but usually restricted and held back due to the seriousness of their nature and the judgment of others they fear. Capricorn has a mission in life to accept all emotion, and in most cases, unless enlightened, they will be this judgmental force that holds Libra down.

This is a couple that has to work hard on finding a shared language to show how they feel and still respect each other. The emotional nature of Capricorn makes them distant for many, but completely untouchable for Libra as soon as they start dismissing their feelings. The only thing that can be done here is find a point of absolute respect and acceptance of all emotions and their manifestations.

If they allow each other to break things, get angry, cry, make scenes in public or give in to hysteria, they might find a way to express their love in a way that will be correctly understood.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

The most important values Libra and Capricorn share are the value of time and taking responsibility. This can help them overcome any differences and opposing attitudes, values or convictions, for each of these partners will be ready to understand the set of responsibilities they have toward each other.

As Air and Earth signs, both pretty set in their ways, Libra and Capricorn will differ greatly in the value of words and deeds. The best thing these two can do together is be boring to the rest of the world. Learning how to read the signs when a man is not interested in you will save you from wasting time pursuing a relationship that will never happen. I just told a young woman basically the same thing in my blog - when the messages are mixed, the bad ones are the bottom line.

She would think that he is shy and slow, while the Capricorn man is a firework. The basic qualities of reliability, trustworthiness, and loyalty are still there in his makeup even if he is not ready to spend an entire getaway weekend with you after three months. Capricorn has a serious aversion to taking risks that can lead to his heart being broken. Capricorn Man in Bed The goat Greatest of all time can be a champ in sack but always respectful of your boundaries.

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How compatible are Sagittarius women and Capricorn men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The best word to describe the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man is opposite. The man under this sign works hard to achieve two main goals: profitable and potentially profitable. Mars in Capricorn is not going to make a fool of himself with.

I will ditch anyone who even remotely plays games. Capricorn December 22 — January IP: Logged. His physical appearance will also portray strength. So even if they look like they are not interested in you, they might be. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, symbolized by the goat and ruled by planet Saturn. If he's not making an effort or he's not treating you with respect, that's a sign to move on. A Capricorn man can provide you with a roof in a storm as well as keep you warm on a freezing winter night. Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are blessed with an amazing sexual equation which makes them a wonderful couple.

This star sign is no quitter and if a Capricorn dumps you, it can only be for one reason: you're getting in the way of their ambitions or holding.

Sun enters Scorpio

Be Natural and Never Superficial While this is a tip that can be applied to everyone, it rings truer to the Capricorn man who doesn't like anything superficial. Here are some of the things you should know and do if you are interested in a Capricorn man. She will guide her husband toward success. Ive dated a Capricorn and one of my best friends is a Capricorn male. The reason you are not getting asked out is that he is scared of getting rejected again.

They are someone who is sincere as well as innocent. If the Capricorn man wants the attention of the Scorpio woman, he needs to be mysterious as well. They can both be moody and unpredictable which is something that can break them if they are not careful. If you can stand it, you'll love him. Your focus needs to be directed towards finding out if there are genuine reasons he can't see you. An "I realize you aren't a mind-reader, so I'll tell you what I want" righteous sister. If you are wondering how he feels about you then, by observing the signs as mentioned earlier, it will be easy to determine whether a Capricorn man likes you.

Capricorn woman - information and insights on the Capricorn woman. Capricorn enjoys the familiar, he or she doesn't want to feel pressured to learn something new and prove their prowess to their partner. But do not become resentful when you suddenly realize that he is running the relationship and that you are on your hands and knees making him feel good.

Venus in Capricorn: Astrology of Love & Compatibility

It will generally describe a Capricorn as ambitious, honest and disciplined. You make love by intuition, especially when you feel a psychic connection to the other person. Your passion can disappear if you experience your lover as insensitive or unresponsive to your needs. You require romance to be truly excited about a sexual affair. You're playful, hot and spontaneous.

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As a natural actor, you love drama and enjoy performing in the boudoir. But it's important your partner make you feel loved, adored and respected. You don't need conventional places for lovemaking. You can do it in the Kasbah, Joe's Bar or the back-of-the-car. Passionate and affectionate, you enjoy making love in luxurious or opulent surroundings as befits the princess or prince you are. Your shyness can make you appear demure or prudish. Your cautiousness can cause you to keep tight reign on your strong passionate nature.

But in reality you're hot and earthy behind closed doors. You're turned on to a partner who's physically engaging, mentally exciting, well groomed and hygienically clean. You can make love like a fine craftsman who knows exactly what buttons to push for pleasure. Your sexual nature is likely to operate at extremes. You can be a bit shy and reserved towards sex, requiring that you be romantically sought after instead of being the aggressor.

Yet, you have the capacity to be impulsive and very sensuous in your sexual behavior. Your tendency to be refined, classy and esthetically oriented, means that crudeness of any kind, such as vulgar language, turn you off.

Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility

You prefer sexual relationships that are more cultivated and sophisticated. And if he or she dresses well and is gorgeous, you can turn into a sensuous lover rather quickly. You have an intense sexual nature that is extremely emotional and deeply felt. Your emotional-based sexuality shows itself when you display strong emotions such as jealousy, anger, resentment and hurt.

Your desire to experience powerful lovemaking can lead you to be possessive of the other person in and out of the bedroom. Unlike certain signs that desire sex because they are "horny," you have a physical need for it in order to feel a profoundly close connection to your partner. You have a sexually open, adventuresome, exploratory nature. It can be hard to pin you down to one intimate relationship because you like having your freedom.

The emotional commitment that is often a part of sex can feel restrictive to you.

There's a part of you that would like to be free like Peter Pan and not "grow up. You want a sexual connection with someone who is open, honest, spiritual and enjoys exploring as you do. While you're very proper in public, you have a very earthy and passionate sexual nature. However, you often struggle with a need for self-control that can make you an inhibited lover.